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When a new date is set for Long-term planning overview with Carrie Ganci-Clodi we will make a separate post to inform you. PLEASE RSVP FOR THE DECEMBER 6TH P.A.C.T. MEETING AS SPEAKERS ARE UNABLE TO PRESENT IF WE DON"T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE ATTENDING.

About Us

What Is The RVSRA?

We are an association formed by member agencies to provide community-based Therapeutic Recreation to individuals with disabilities and special needs. We provide year-round recreation, leisure and life skill activities that add to the quality of life for those who participate and their families.

Our member districts are Bourbonnais Township Park District, Kankakee Valley Park District, and Limestone Township Park District.  We view ourselves as a completion of the commitment of each associating Park District’s responsibility to serve all its citizens including individuals with special needs.

Meet Our Team & Staff