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Monday, March 1  - 6:00 PM - H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) Our friend April Kamba will lead us in a fun and high energy workout.  No experience necessary and all fitness levels welcome.  

Tuesday, March 2 - 6:30 PM - Karaoke with Kelsey  You can sing to your favorite song or just watch.  Words will show on the screen.  Please text or email Pam ahead of time so that Kelsey can have your song ready if you are chosen to participate this night.  815-351-7975 or pam.rvsra@gmail.com.  If you log in before 6:35 PM, your name will be put in a lottery and the first 10 people that are chosen will sing tonight.  If you were not chosen tonight, then if you log in again in 2 weeks you will be automatically picked for that night.  

Wednesday, March 3 - 6:30 PM - Make at Home Frosty  This 3 ingredient copycat frosty taste just like the ones you buy at Wendy's.  

You will need an ice cube tray and a blender.


1-1/4 c. chocolate milk

1 tbls. sweetened condensed milk

1 c. cool whip

When the invite is sent out that morning, special instructions will be sent also.  The chocolate milk will need to be in an ice cube tray and frozen for at least 4 hours.  

Thursday, March 4 - 1:30 PM - Club Thursday Chat Everyone will have their turn to tell us your birthday, birthstone and the best birthday present that you ever received.  

Friday, March 5 - 6:30 PM - Book Club  Let's get together with some friends from Governer's State University and they will read "The Secret Lake" by Karen Inglis.  This story is about a lost dog, a hidden time tunnel and a secret lake.  A page-turning time travel adventure that will keep you excited to return each week to hear more. A discussion will take place about the characters and other information about this story.  We will continue this program every Friday in March.  March 12 @ 1:30 PM, March 19 @ 6:30 PM & March 26 @ 6:30 PM.

* For a future spring craft and a future experiment, save one empty spray bottle and two 2 liter empty plastic pop bottles.*

About Us

What Is The RVSRA?

We are an association formed by member agencies to provide community-based Therapeutic Recreation to individuals with disabilities and special needs. We provide year-round recreation, leisure and life skill activities that add to the quality of life for those who participate and their families.

Our member districts are Bourbonnais Township Park District, Kankakee Valley Park District, and Limestone Township Park District.  We view ourselves as a completion of the commitment of each associating Park District’s responsibility to serve all its citizens including individuals with special needs.

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